Black Foil Number '1' Balloon


Cool black foil number ONE balloon, perfect for boys 1st birthday party!


Inflate with air or helium

Sold individually and un-inflated but we do offer a helium filling service at our Bayswater Studio for an additional cost - please email us for pricing.

These can be filled a couple of days before your event as they last almost a week or longer.  The measurements above are prior to inflation.  Balloons become 3D and smaller as they are filled.

*Foil balloons are sensitive to extreme temperature changes.  In cold air they may appear deflated; warm air should expand them again.  Extreme heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.

Foil Balloons may conduct electricity.  Do not release helium filled foil balloons outdoors or near overhead power lines.  Use a non-metallic ribbon and attach the balloon to a weight to keep from floating away.