• Metallic Gold Foil Number '7' Balloon (Old Stock)

Metallic Gold Foil Number '7' Balloon (Old Stock)

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Cool metallic gold foil number '7' balloon, perfect for birthday parties and wedding tables. This balloon is from our old supplier and has a more shiny finish than pictured.

Sold individually. 

We are in the process of changing balloon suppliers, so we have some stock of balloons (7, 8 and 9) that are a slightly different size and have a shiny/brighter gold finish. If you order two different numbers, we will try to give you the same finish/size were possible.

Seven - 70x49cm*

* This balloons is slightly smaller than other stock and there are two listings for the number 7 gold balloon.

PLEASE NOTE: these balloons do not come inflated, you can fill these with helium a couple of days before your event as they last almost a week or longer.  The measurements above are prior to inflation.  Balloons become 3D and smaller as they are filled.

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